Beyond the Books: Unleashing Potential through Extracurricular Excellence


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– Deva Narayan

Schools have been formed with the primary intention of providing academic education to children and adolescents. Yet, a close look at history provides surmountable evidence that academic proficiency is not the sole key to success or happiness in life. Modern school systems have tried to recognise this defect and tried to change it with the addition of extracurricular activities. The children of the past were always trained in some activity or hobby by their parents or grandparents, however, modern society reveals that the adults of today have no time to be teaching their children important life skills or even playful hobbies.

This problem is particularly noticeable among many Asian school systems, including India. The leading mindset of the parents of today is that children should show utmost devotion to their studies and leave no time for any other activity. While children still play and perform many activities outside of their studies, it is often looked down upon and they are encouraged to pursue studies very frequently. A problem that is arising very quickly and noticeably, is that many students are so secluded in their studies that they are not taught about any other hobby or sport. Many of them are expected to find joy only from academic prowess, and while some do find joy, the majority is left with a gaping hole that cannot be filled easily.

The Western view of education gives as much importance to extracurricular activities as much as they do to their regular studies, and this has caused many of their children to always have something to do, even if they are not interested in continuing their school-college journey. Many American athletes are known to have started from their middle school or high school and were encouraged to even leave their studies alone so that they may pursue their passion in their sport. The Indian school system has fortunately started to take notice and is now more promoting extracurricular activities, yet we have a long way to go before a a change can be seen in our graduating students.

The most famous man in the world, a name that is known across countries and continents, is Lionel Messi, a renowned football player. His academic career is ignored by many for he proved his weight in gold from his sheer excellence in the football field. Many such talents lie hidden in the deep grasslands of the concrete jungles of our schools and they will never aim for a goal that is not shown to them. The strength of a nation lies in all its cumulative talents and intellect. One may recall an old, yet powerful quote from the Greek philosopher Thucydides-

“A society that separates its scholars from its warriors will have their thinking done by cowards and their fighting done by fools.”

It is the necessity of a country itself to make sure that its people are well versed in the powers of academic strength as well as many other talents that improve the well-being of their people. A life and personality defined purely by textbooks is not one that is fulfilling.

Note: The viewpoints and stances articulated in the article are the author’s personal views and may not necessarily align with those of the edu news team.

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