AIIMS: Pioneering Excellence in Healthcare, Education and Research


-Deva Narayan

The All India Institute of Medical Sciences commonly referred to as ‘AIIMS’ is considered to be the best and leading university for medical courses in India. There are 24 AIIMS institutes in India as of 2024 and there are plans for more to be made in the coming years. AIIMS is also widely recognized as the leading university for medical science in all of Asia. Let us see why they have earned their formidable reputation.

The first AIIMS institute was established in Delhi. Over time, institutes have been developed in many other cities and states as well. These universities have some of the world’s lowest acceptance rates ever, with it being less than 1%. For undergraduate courses, students must have passed their 12th grade with the Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and English subjects and have scored at least 60% in their qualifying examination. Candidates must also qualify for the AIIMS entrance examination that is held annually. Postgraduate candidates must have an MBBS degree from a recognized medical college, have completed an internship as well, and qualify for the AIIMS PG entrance exam, which is held twice a year.

There are many reasons to pursue AIIMS, such as the excellent campus life. All of the AIIMS institutes have the highest quality infrastructure such as libraries, sports fields, lecture halls, and laboratories. The faculty and teaching staff of the university are of the highest grade, with many professors having years of experience in their domain. Much of the education at AIIMS is also research involved, with students having to produce research papers for many of their assignments. The university also provides hands-on education, with students being assigned to assist in clinics and with patients.

Graduates of AIIMS universities are offered many opportunities to perform research in many domains usually involving clinical science. The universities are also highly reputed hospitals and are known for providing the highest quality healthcare to their patients.

Many alumni of the AIIMS are well-known figures in the medicinal community. Deepak Chopra, who graduated from AIIMS in 1969, is known for his vast research and books on alternative medicine and has even published a video game called Leela. Soumya Swaminathan, a graduate of 1985, was the former chief scientist at the World Health Organization for 3 years from 2019 to 2022. Many other alumni have also earned reputed names in their respective domains. Although the struggle to enter the university is tremendously difficult, the payoff is enough to etch your name into history.

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