Amity University Haryana Inaugurated Two-Week Online Refresher Course on Well-Being & Sustainability

Amity University

Amity University Haryana, in collaboration with the Association of Indian Universities, Amity Academic Staff College, and Amity Institute of Behavioural & Allied Sciences, launched an innovative two-week online refresher course on Promoting Well-being and Sustainable Practices: The Role of Educationists in University-Community Partnership. The inaugural session on June 24th brought together over 125 educators from more than 35 universities and colleges, spanning a wide range of disciplines.

The event was graced by esteemed dignitaries including Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, Prof. PB Sharma, and Pro-Vice Chancellor, Prof. Vikas Madhukar, from Amity University Haryana, along with distinguished guests Dr T.D. Dogra, Ex-Director AIIMS, New Delhi, Mr. Santhosh Jayaram, Global Head of Sustainability at HCL Technologies, and Prof. Dr Manas Mandal, Emeritus Resource Faculty at School of Criminology &Behavioural Science and Visiting Professor at IIT Kharagpur.

The session started with a traditional lamp-lighting ceremony followed by virtual tour showcasing AUH’s transformation into a sustainable green campus.

Prof. P. B. Sharma, during his address, shared his insights on achieving happiness, well-being, and sustainability through principles such as Commitment, Conviction, and Compassion. Prof Sharma stressed the importance of Swayadharma, which involves listening to one’s inner voice when making decisions that contribute positively to personal growth and societal welfare. Prof. Sharma also emphasized the significance of Compassion, advocating for empathy and kindness in interactions to nurture a harmonious and supportive community. These principles, according to Prof. Sharma, form a holistic approach to achieving personal fulfilment and enhancing societal well-being. Prof Sharma encouraged participants to integrate these values into their daily lives and professional endeavours, envisioning a sustainable and fulfilling future for all.

Amity University

During his address, Prof. Vikas Madhukar underscored the profound significance of well-being concepts, emphasizing their crucial role in shaping the educational landscape at Amity University Haryana. Prof. Madhukar elaborated on how the university has meticulously aligned its curriculum with the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 guidelines. This strategic alignment ensures that students receive a comprehensive education on well-being through both mainstream academic courses and value-added programs

Prof Manas Mandal, a renowned neuropsychologist, delivered a compelling address focusing on the principles of student-driven education. Prof Manas emphasized addressing social-emotional conflicts as a foundational step towards building a resilient society. Prof. Mandal underscored the importance of empowering students to take ownership of their learning journeys. He advocated for educational practices that prioritize student engagement, autonomy, and active participation. He further highlighted the critical role of education in fostering emotional intelligence and resilience among students. By acknowledging and addressing social-emotional conflicts within educational settings, Prof. Mandal emphasized the importance of creating supportive environments that nurture psychological well-being and interpersonal skills. This approach not only enhances academic outcomes but also cultivates a sense of community and empathy among learners.

Mr. Santhosh Jayaram, the Global Head of Sustainability at HCL Technologies, delivered a thought-provoking address emphasizing the crucial importance of interdisciplinary education on sustainability across all educational levels. In today’s interconnected and rapidly changing world, Mr. Jayaram highlighted that understanding sustainability necessitates knowledge that spans multiple disciplines. This holistic approach is essential for effectively addressing complex environmental, social, and economic challenges. Mr. Jayaram elaborated on how integrating sustainability into the curriculum from early education through higher education is vital for fostering a generation of environmentally conscious and socially responsible individuals. He pointed out that when children are exposed to sustainability concepts from a young age, they develop a strong foundation that influences their values, behaviours, and decision-making processes throughout their lives.

Dr T.D. Dogra, the former Director of AIIMS New Delhi, delivered an inspiring address urging educators to take a proactive role in adopting and integrating the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) framework within university curricula and pedagogy. Dr. Dogra emphasized the pivotal role that educators play in shaping the minds and values of future generations. Dr Dogra highlighted that by leading an example, they can profoundly influence students and the broader academic community. Dr Dogra explained that the SDG framework, established by the United Nations, encompasses 17 goals aimed at addressing global challenges such as poverty, inequality, climate change, and environmental degradation. Dr Dogra argued that these goals should not be confined to mere theoretical concepts but should be actively incorporated into the fabric of educational institutions through comprehensive curricula and innovative teaching methods.

Prof Sanjna Vij, Deputy Director, Amity Academic Staff College, emphasized the critical importance of well-being, sustainability, and mental health in today’s rapidly changing world. Prof Sanjna highlighted the pivotal role that universities play in supporting and advancing these areas. ProfSanjna explained that the purpose of the two-week online refresher course is to equip educators with the skills and knowledge necessary to promote well-being, sustainability, and mental health within their universities, colleges, and broader communities. Shestated that, in response to the evolving demands of the modern world, the Academic Staff College is dedicated to fostering professional development and lifelong learning.

Dr Priyanka Verma, Head of the Amity Institute of Behavioural and Allied Sciences at Amity University Haryana, warmly welcomed all the guests and participants to the two-week online refresher course. In her remarks, Dr. Verma provided an insightful overview of the primary purpose and objectives of the course.

The session concluded with an interactive Q&A session where participants engaged with speakers on sustainability, well-being, and educational practices.

Dr. Fouzia A. Shaikh, event MC, and coordinator, presented the vote of thanks, marking a successful start to the refresher course.

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