Arjun Award Winner Coaches Lexicon MILE Students in Exclusive Golf Excellence

Arjun Award Winner Coaches Lexicon MILE Students in Exclusive Golf ExcellencePune, June 27th, 2024: Lexicon Management Institute of Leadership and Excellence (Lexicon MILE), established in 2009, is a premier educational institution and part of The Lexicon Group of Institutes. Dedicated to shaping future leaders, Lexicon MILE is known for its commitment to academic excellence, modern educational strategies, and comprehensive skill development programs.

Lexicon MILE has built a reputation for providing a dynamic learning environment that equips students to excel in their chosen careers. By emphasizing hands-on experience and industry interaction, the institute offers students unparalleled opportunities to learn directly from distinguished professionals.

One such opportunity was the golf training session with Arjuna Award Winner, Mr. Ali Sher, at the Poona Golf Course. This event played a pivotal role in the students’ management education, offering firsthand experience in the sophistication of golf. Beyond learning the sport, students gained invaluable insights into strategizing, patience, and the professional etiquette essential for their future business careers.

Mr. Pankaj Sharma, President, The Lexicon Group of Institutes, Chairman & MD Pune Times Mirror, Civic Mirror & MultiFit remarked, “This unique experience for our students reflects the institute’s commitment to preparing them for success in diverse professional environments. Being a Golfer myself, I understand Golf teaches strategic thinking and decision-making, which are essential skills for future managers and business leaders. Golf is often where big deals are closed, and learning the game opens doors to critical networking opportunities.”

Mr. Nasir Shaikh, Group CEO – The Lexicon Group of Institutes, EduCrack, and Easy Recruit+, and an avid golfer himself, emphasized, “Golf is not just a sport but a powerful tool for personal and professional development. The etiquette and professionalism inherent in golf translate directly to the business world, preparing our students for high-stake interactions.”

Ajinkya Jadhav, a student at Lexicon MILE, expressed, “Receiving golf training from Mr. Ali Sher was an extraordinary experience. We consider ourselves fortunate to have had this incredible opportunity.” Moreover, students had the privilege to witness the Pune Mirror Merchants’ Cup 2024, which stands as the biggest Corporate Golf Team Tournament of the Year.

Lexicon MILE is committed to providing practical and impactful training that prepares students for the corporate journey ahead. This event stands as a testament to this philosophy, offering students not just a sport but a platform for their career growth. Through such practical training, the institute ensures that students are equipped with the focused mindset needed to navigate their careers in the dynamic corporate landscape successfully.

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