Dibber, Northern Europe’s largest chain of preschools, expands presence to Gurugram

Dibber, Northern Europe’s largest preschool chain with 600+ preschools across 10 countries, has announced the opening of its first preschool in Gurugram offering Nordic pedagogy, an emerging pedagogy of choice focusing on children’s social, emotional, physical, cognitive and educational needs. Dibber’s purpose statement is ‘we develop lifelong learners with a heart for the world’ and part of this is – having a heart for oneself and others. Dibber’s Nordic inspired pedagogy is adapted locally and infuse with the rich cultural heritage and ethos of India, ensuring a child centered, holistic approach that is both culturally relevant and globally copetitive.

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The school was inaugurated by Mr Kamal Yadav, BJP District President for Gurugram and Mr Marvin D’Souza, CEO, Dibber Schools India.

Speaking at the launch, Mr D´Souza said: “Our decision to expand into this vibrant city stems from our commitment to providing children with the best possible start on their educational journey. With our innovative pedagogy, nurturing environment, passionate teachers, and commitment to quality education, we strive to empower young minds to become lifelong learners and develop appreciation, understanding, and empathy for the world around them. We are excited to embark on this journey in Gurugram and look forward to making a positive impact on the lives of children and families across the region.

Dibber was founded by two passionate educators Randi and Hans Jacob Sundby in 2003. They developed the ‘Dibber Childhood’ a well-researched framework, that offers every child a supportive and caring environment where they develop positive relationships, experiences, and friendships. At Dibber, every child is seen as unique and valuable, and is respected as individuals.

Spanning 13000 sq foot, in Sector 50 Gurugram, the school has a capacity to accommodate more than 125 children. Drawing inspiration from Nordic learning principles, the school offers natural open spaces, extensive outdoor areas, a splash pool, and an extensive outdoor playground. Dibber’s Gurugram facility also school in Gurugram features dedicated rooms for Dibber’s unique ´Learning Friends´ and offers a range of extra-curricular activities such as music, drama, movement and second language learning. Dibber Gurugram will offer both full-day and half-day programs designed to provide a holistic environment where learning and nurturing are a priority.

“Gurugram is one of the most aspirational and fast-moving cities in India which headquarters more than 250 Fortune 500 companies,” Mr D’souza added. “With large number of working professionals, the city offers great potential led by next generation of growth drivers who demand access to holistic education for their children to navigate through challenges of the 21st century. Having successfully developed and implemented its pedagogy in 10 countries, Dibber has the right mix of what young parents are looking for in India today.To maximize its expansion plans across India, Dibber is keen to attract meaningful partnerships through its franchise model for those who share its vision for early learning education. The preschool will also employ its proprietary Dibber Quality framework with franchisee partners to guide them through the process of running high quality preschools and ensure that early learning education and care is standardized across all schools.

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