International Yoga Day – Quote from Orchids The International School

International Yoga Day - Quote from Orchids The International SchoolMs. Sunitha Tressy Crasta, Principal of Orchids The International School, Jalahalli, Bangalore

“At Orchids The International School, we incorporate yoga in the curriculum for holistic development and academic success. Our workshops encourage continuous practice of yoga that enhances attentiveness, stress-coping abilities, resilient  and mental alertness in addition to accommodating all-inclusive participation.

Institutions and academicians should promote the idea of integrating yoga in the curriculum because yoga is beyond physical exercise; it aids mental clarity, emotional stability and general well-being. With the inclusion of yoga into educational frameworks, students are empowered with skills for handling stress, improving their power of concentration and cultivating a balanced lifestyle. Such a holistic approach goes beyond enhancing academic performance to prepare students for tackling daily life challenges with strength and mindfulness. Investing in yoga education leads to  future generations who are healthier, more balanced and productive.”

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