KIIT World School, organised CBSE Training on Cyber Safety and Security

KIIT World School, organised CBSE Training on Cyber Safety and SecurityGurugram: KIIT World School, Gurugram held a one-day CBSE training on Cyber Safety and Security to raise awareness and comprehension of important cybersecurity principles, ethical issues, and regulatory frameworks. The training was conducted by CBSE Resource Persons Mr. Sushil Kumar, Assistant Professor at Shyam Lal College, Shahdara, and Ms. Kanika Gugnani, IT professor at Presidium School, Gurugram.

Mr. Sushil Kumar and Ms. Kanika Gugnani focused a high priority on teaching students about technology responsibility, cyber ethics, and the effects of cyber activity on people and businesses. Participants learned about several forms of cybercrimes, how to prevent them, and bank scams like malware, scamming, and messaging. They also gave a demonstration of the Information Technology Act and other AI tools that can be used to improve education.

The training session included a variety of scheduled topics, moving from general topics to more specialized legal areas connected with intellectual property. A short film on online ethics opened the event, highlighting how crucial it is to maintain moral values in the world of technology. The ethical use of technology, privacy protection, and the effects of cybercrime on people and organizations were among the main subjects discussed.

Neelima Kamrah, Principal of KIIT World School, stated, “We are dedicated to teaching our students and faculty how to access the digital world securely and ethically. We are committed to offering the best instruction possible and creating a secure learning environment, which is why we are offering this cyber safety and security training. We appreciate Mr. Sushil Kumar and Ms. Kanika Gugnani sharing their vital knowledge with us.”

The session included a wide range of cybercrimes, their effects, and solutions. To further enhance the teaching and learning process, an in-depth discussion of AI tools and an overview of the Information Technology Act were given.

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