Monash University Appoints Ms. Sunny Yang as Vice-President

8th April 2024: Australia’s most prestigious university, Monash University has announced the appointment of Ms Sunny Yang, former Pro Vice-Chancellor (Global Partnerships) at the University of Newcastle. Ms Yang will assist as Vice-President (International Engagement) as part of the expansion of the University’s International portfolio. She will commence her new position on Monday 20 May 2024.

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Ms. Yang is a familiar name to the Monash community mainly because of her previous tenure of 13 years with the university, serving as Associate Vice-President (Student Recruitment and Admissions) until she stepped down in February 2023. During her time at Monash, Ms. Yang was crucial in collaborating within the institution to accomplish goals related to student enrollment, diversity, and revenue generation for both the University and Monash College.

“Monash University congratulates Ms. Sunny Yang on her well-deserved appointment as Vice-President (International Engagement). We are incredibly grateful for her significant contributions to Monash over the past 13 years. Her leadership in student recruitment and admissions was instrumental in placing Monash at the forefront of the international student community. We are confident that Ms. Yang’s expertise and experience will be invaluable to the University of Monash as they continue to expand our international portfolio.”

A well-known sector expert on international student markets, Ms Yang spearheaded industry-leading projects such as implementing paperless admissions processes, taking projects to new markets, recruitment and admissions functions across domestic and international students etc. She was instrumental in developing a network of recruitment staff in other key markets. The team of market research and analytics assisted in course planning and the introduction of the University’s multi-channel student recruitment strategy.

Following an extensive tenure, she went to the University of Newcastle in Australia to take up the role of Pro Vice-Chancellor (Global Partnerships), where she was primarily responsible for creating programs for international education, facilitating student mobility abroad, and fostering connections with the government and other institutions.

With the University’s ambition for expansion in other countries, Ms. Yang’s new position will give vital assistance to the International portfolio. Through collaborations in strategic markets and transnational education (TNE) initiatives, this position will be pivotal in bolstering wholesale recruiting and garnering more income from global collaborators.

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