NMIMS Hyderabad SBM Welcomes MBA Batch 2024-2026 with Inspiring Foundation Programme

Hyderabad, India  June 21st, 2024: NMIMS Hyderabad School of Business Management conducted an immersive foundation programme to welcome the 2024-2026 batch of MBA students. The Chief Guest and Guest of Honour on the inaugural day of the orientation programme were Mr. Voruganti Aravind, Global Vice President of Information Data Systems (IDS), and Mr. Salman Quraishi, Head of Sales, Zerodha, respectively.

The inauguration was also graced by the presence of NMIMS Hyderabad leadership including Dr. Koteswara Rao Anne, Director, NMIMS Hyderabad, Mr. Mahesh Kumar, Deputy Registrar and Programme Chair, Dr. Suneetha S.

With Dr. Ramesh Bhat, Vice Chancellor, NMIMS, joining live from Mumbai, the programme began with the esteemed guests lighting the lamp, followed by a rendition of the inspiring NMIMS anthem.

In his inspiring speech, Dr Ramesh Bhat said, “At NMIMS SBM, we are committed to meeting your learning aspirations and helping you become the best value creators and impactful leaders in times to come. I encourage all of you to plan your educational journey in such a way that after two years here when you enter the corporate world, you are not shrouded by any mysteries or regrets and leave with lasting bonds with your professors and classmates. Play hard, prepare hard, learn hard, listen hard, and pave the way to work hard and with vigour in your professional life.”

With a legacy of over four decades, NMIMS SBM follows the One MBA-One Curriculum approach, ensuring a consistent standard of education across campuses. The MBA programme at NMIMS Hyderabad SBM is AMBA-accredited and provides a world-class academic environment that fosters innovation and adaptability to global socio-economic changes. With an emphasis on practical learning through case studies, business simulations, workshops, live projects and certification programmes, it promotes critical thinking, analytics, communication, project management and leadership skills among students, resulting in graduates being prepared to be ethical, socially responsible managers and leaders of the future.

The Foundation Programme will be an introduction to the new batch’s academic and professional journey ahead. Throughout the week, students will be engaged in various sessions and seminars aimed at familiarizing them with the faculty and academic administration. They will also be a part of seminars which promote growth mindsets, experiential learning in management education and preparatory courses in finance, Excel and descriptive analysis. Moreover, panel discussions with industry experts and alumni will offer insights into real-world applications and career opportunities.

Speaking on the first day of the Foundation Programme, Dr. Koteswara Rao Anne said, “Thank you for choosing to study at our institution. Our mission in NMIMS is transformational leadership by honing your skills, be it critical thinking or entrepreneurial skills so that you remain relevant in society. We firmly believe that education is the manifestation of the perfection already existing within you. Ours is a large campus with world-class infrastructure and sports amenities. Considering how rigorous our programme is, it is up to you to leverage the facilities and the residential nature of the campus. I wish you all good luck on your new journey.”

Mr. Voruganti Aravind, sharing his 4 Ps mantra of Purpose, Passion, Potential and Performance, said, “Life is not a vector to have a direction, it’s a scalar. Life is multidimensional and multi-faceted, so it is okay to be a scalar. As long as you have the intent to find your direction, you are good. Make it a habit to continuously upskill to make yourself valuable in the system. You need to have the ability to learn. Remember everyone started with zero, so turn that fear of the unknown into curiosity. If you can do that, you will be successful.”

Mr. Salman Quraishi spoke about how he was inspired by Will Smith’s role in the film Pursuit of Happiness to get into stock broking and said, “There are multiple ways to find your purpose and to succeed. One good incremental decision at a time can compound and get you somewhere. One thing that has helped me in my life is being good with people even in a competitive environment. You should know the power of cooperation. When you are truly thinking of putting customers first, automatically things will fall into place. In the end, you can study all you want but in business, you are working with people. Collaboration is key to growth.”

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