Numerix Launches $20,000 Academic Scholarship for 2024

New York, NY –– Numerix, a leading capital markets front-to-risk technology provider, has begun accepting applications for the 2024 Women in Finance Scholarship program following Women in Mathematics Day.

Despite women making up about half of the national workforce, recent census data reveals a glaring underrepresentation, with women making up only 27 percent of the STEM workforce. In response to this disparity, Numerix is committed to fostering gender inclusion, particularly within the mathematics sector and its application to finance.

The Women in Finance Scholarship program will award a $20,000 scholarship to one deserving candidate, symbolizing Numerix’s dedication to promoting women’s participation and empowerment in finance-related STEM fields. This year marks the program’s 10th anniversary, which was taken over by Numerix after the acquisition of FINCAD.

“We are thrilled to announce the continuation of this scholarship for Women in Mathematics Day. At Numerix, numbers are in our DNA; we empower institutions through our industry-leading expertise in quantitative analytics,” said Kelli Sayres, Head of PolyPaths Product for Numerix. “As a woman in finance, I am honored to help the next generation of women get their start in this exciting and innovative field.”

Past winners have described the scholarship as crucial to their educational journey. Read more about our impressive 2023 scholarship recipient, Jhanvi Shah, a student pursuing her master’s in financial asset management at the Schulich School of Business at York University.

“The Women in Finance Scholarship highlights Numerix’s commitment to growing the industry by helping more women break into finance,” said Manny Conti, the CEO of Numerix. “I’m proud Numerix can give this chance to a deserving student for the tenth year.”

The international scholarship is open to all postgraduate women pursuing a career in financial asset management, market risk management, fixed-income, or derivatives finance within capital markets. The application portal will be open from May 13th until June 14th. The winner will be announced in August. The scholarship recipient receives $10,000 directly for educational expenses at their discretion, while the additional $10,000 goes to their chosen academic institution.

How to Apply
The scholarship opportunity is open to women of any citizenship who have less than ten years of total work experience and less than five years of professional experience in the financial field. Eligible candidates must be enrolled full-time in a postgraduate program in finance at an accredited institution and pursuing or planning to pursue a career in financial asset management, financial risk management, fixed-income, or derivatives finance within capital markets. More information and a link to the official application form can be found on the Numerix website.

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