Orchids The International School launches a campaign honoring all the Teachers across the world

Orchids The International School launches a campaign honoring all the Teachers across the worldIndia, May 14, 2024: In celebration of Mother’s Day, Orchids The International School, leading K12 School chain of India, has released a powerful short film exploring the deep emotional bonds between teachers and students. The film aims to honor teachers’ roles as caring “second mothers” while sensitively depicting one teacher’s personal struggle with infertility.

Titled “Chhoti si Asha,” the 3-minute short film follows a beloved teacher at an Orchids The International school as she navigates the challenges of undergoing IVF treatment. While nurturing and supporting her students with a mother’s love professionally, personally she longs to experience motherhood herself. The film provides an intimate window into the rarely discussed emotional turmoil many women face on the path to parenthood.

“At Orchids, we believe that the connection between our teachers and students is what truly shapes and guides our children;” said Abhishek Yadav, Chief Marketing Officer, Orchids The International School. “This Mother’s Day, we wanted to pay tribute to our extraordinary teachers who give endlessly of themselves as second mothers, while also shining a light on the very human struggles some face in their own journeys towards motherhood.”

Saurabh Jha, Vice President, Marketing, added, “After over a decade building connections with families across India, we’ve witnessed firsthand the profound impact our teachers have. They provide not just academic instruction, but emotional support that lasts long after students have moved on. With this film, we honor that lasting bond while starting a conversation around an incredibly common yet stigmatized issue that too many women suffer in silence.”

The film’s release will be supported by a robust digital marketing campaign across social media platforms using the hashtag #SecondMothers. Orchids The International School hopes this powerful story will inspire families to reach out and celebrate all the teachers who have nurtured and loved their children like their own.

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