Physics Wallah Launches Yakeen 2.0 Batch for NEET 2025 Aspirants

Physics Wallah Launches Yakeen 2.0 Batch for NEET 2025 AspirantsNew Delhi May 14th, 2024: Physics Wallah (PW), India’s leading edtech platform, announces the launch of Yakeen NEET 2.0 Batch, especially designed for NEET 2025 aspirants. The 9-month course, starting on 20th May 2024, will cater to dropper students. In the past 3 years, Yakeen batches have produced over 35,000 successful results in the NEET exam.

The program offers dual faculty sets, Yakeen Legend and Yakeen Alpha, providing students with the choice of unparalleled guidance for all the subjects of Physics, Chemistry, Botany and Zoology. The program offers live online classes five to six days a week, three classes per day; motivational sessions called ‘Samvaad’ with Alakh Pandey and separate doubt-solving sessions. The program includes unlimited access to comprehensive study materials and modules that are NEET-centric, mind maps and short notes, daily practice problems, and peer-to-peer doubt-solving for enhanced collaborative learning. PW Scholar is a newly introduced feature which rewards students for their consistent performance.

Continuous evaluation through test analysis and the student-parent dashboard will play a crucial role in improving performance. Students can download PDF notes of each class on the PW App. Students will also have access to all Yakeen versions. Scheduled tests will be held according to the pre-designed planner. Additionally, students can attempt the All India Test Series (AITS), providing them with a national-level ranking. Intensive revision classes will be provided after syllabus completion, and the entire course will remain accessible to students until the NEET 2025 exams.

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