Quote on World Asthma Day

Mr. Karthik Kondepudi,“As we are aware that the theme of World Asthma Day this year is ‘Asthma Education Empowers,‘ we need to empower every asthma sufferer through education, equipping them with the tools to manage their condition effectively and stressing the importance of seeking timely medical assistance. To achieve this, all healthcare professionals need to expand their understanding of asthma, encompassing its treatment and the latest evidence-based strategies, ensuring that patients receive reliable guidance and optimal care. Let us concede the overwhelming number of people in our country suffering from this respiratory condition. According to a recent estimate Asthma has impacted over 260 million people globally and claims approximately 4,50,000 lives annually. However, amongst this challenge lies an optimism – nutraceuticals. These natural composites play a dynamic role in managing and alleviating asthma symptoms, offering a harmonizing tactic to conservative treatments. By fitting nutraceuticals into all-inclusive asthma management approaches, we can deliver complete care, improving the quality of life for millions. Omega-3 fatty acids, walnuts, and flaxseeds, all have anti-inflammatory properties that can help lessen airway irritation and improve lung function in asthma patients. Also, Vitamin D, often scarce in asthma patients, has been revealed to diminish the peril of asthma attacks and improve lung function. Asthma patients can also take Quercetin found in foods like apples and onions possesses anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, which help reduce inflammation in the airways and alleviate asthma symptoms. Magnesium, known for its bronchodilator effects and found in foods like almonds, spinach, and avocados, can help relax the muscles around the airways, making breathing easier for asthma sufferers. Last but not least, Asthma patients can also consume vitamin C, which is found plentiful in bell peppers and citrus fruits and acts as an effective antioxidant that also helps drop oxidative stress in the lungs and reduces the risk of asthma aggravations.” – Mr. Karthik Kondepudi, Partner at Herbochem

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