St. George’s University, School of Medicine in the Caribbean Hosts a Series of Webinars

India, 22 March 2024 – St. George’s University (SGU), School of Medicine in Grenada, the Caribbean continues to empower aspiring medical students in India via an informative four-part webinar series, introducing them to key concepts they will encounter throughout their medical education journey.

During the series, participating students will gain insights into a broad spectrum of medical topics that are crucial for a well-rounded educational experience. They will also engage with SGU’s seasoned faculty members who passed on their extensive experience in their respective fields. Students will also have the opportunity to build lasting connections with fellow aspiring medical professionals and like-minded individuals during the webinars.

The first session, which was hosted on February 29th, covered the history of medicine, including how ancient healing practices evolved into today’s advanced medical science, the impact of Greek mythology, the role of the first pharmacists, and the effects of the Industrial Revolution on medical research.

The second session, taking place on March 28th will look into healthcare dilemmas and ethical conflicts in medicine. This webinar will help students enhance awareness of their own moral compass, and that of others, highlighting a set of shared values that shape medical professionals’ actions and decisions.

The third session, scheduled on April 18th will explore anatomical terminology, descriptives, and relational terms, and how they are used to describe the human body.

Lastly, students will learn and practice the essential clinical skills for all physicians, with a focus on physical examination techniques and comprehensive medical history during the fourth session on May 16th. These fundamentals are critical for accurate diagnosis and treatment planning, enhancing patient care quality.

Lily Phommarack, Associate Director, International Academic Affiliations at SGU said “Our webinars are designed to bridge the gap between high school curiosity and formal medical education, giving students a glimpse into what to expect when pursuing a career in medicine. Through the series, we hope to empower aspiring medical students with the knowledge and skills they need to fine tune their passion into becoming a well-rounded physician.”

“These sessions also help participants understand the profound responsibility that healthcare practitioners hold in safeguarding the health and wellbeing of their patients. I can proudly say that SGU is helping shape the next generation of medical professionals, and we are excited to see where the bright minds of our students will contribute to the future of medicine,” she added.

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