Techno India Group Forms Strategic Alliance with UK’s e1133 to Future-Proof Over 10,000 Students

Techno India Group Forms Strategic Alliance with UK's e1133 to Future-Proof Over 10,000 Students

Kolkata, 11th May, 2024Techno India Group, a leader in educational innovation, has forged a transformative partnership with e1133, a UK-based educational pioneer, to skill over 10,000 students in navigating the future job market dominated by digital and AI technologies. This collaboration marks a significant commitment by Techno India Group to adapt its educational offerings to meet the challenges of the evolving economic landscape, particularly in the realms of artificial intelligence, smart manufacturing, and the startup ecosystem.

The adoption of e1133’s cutting-edge learning methodologies will not only bolster the technical skills of students but also enhance their personal development and teamwork capabilities.

Through this partnership, students will engage in practical, innovative problem-solving that prepares them for roles as both job-ready professionals and visionary leaders in new business frontiers.

Mr. Goutam Roychowdhury, Founder Chairman of Techno India Group and Chancellor of Techno India University, commented on the group‘s legacy and forward-looking vision. “Techno India Group has always shown leadership in meeting the emerging talent requirements and powering the local and the national economy. The group did so at the very beginning of the IT revolution in India, and this partnership is designed to prepare a new generation of talent for the AI revolution, which is unfolding now.” he stated.

Mr. Meghdut RoyChowdhury, Chief Innovation Ocer at Techno India Group, emphasized the transformative impact of this collaboration. “e1133 brings the best-of-class education innovation at our campuses at the cusp of a complete AI-enabled transformation of our economies, our societies and our lives. This partnership will bring a unique opportunity to our students, to lead the next tech revolution. This partnership would also help us build student communities focused on the Future of Work in our campuses, which will be part of the global conversation that e1133 facilitates.”

he said. Marketa Mojzisova, Chief Growth Officer of e1133, praised the expansion into the Indian educational sector, recognizing India’s pivotal role in supplying the global technical workforce. This initiative promises to significantly elevate the learning experience at Techno India Group, preparing students to contribute meaningfully to both local and global communities.

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