Techno India Group Public School-Garia Celebrates National Science Day

Kolkata, 1st March 2024: Techno India Group Public School-Garia celebrated National Science Day by hosting an interactive learning session, emphasizing the importance of exploration, questioning, and observation in the learning process, echoing Sir C.V. Raman’s words that science thrives on independent thinking and hard work rather than solely on equipment.

techno india group

On this occasion, students at the Foundational Stage participated in engaging activities such as crayon leaf printing and crafting various phases of the moon using Oreo biscuits. Amidst the school’s lush green surroundings, both students and teachers exemplified the essence of scientific inquiry. Additionally, teachers enjoyed a playful activity with Jenga blocks. National Science Day, observed on February 28 annually, commemorates the discovery of the ‘Raman Effect’ by the esteemed Indian physicist and Nobel laureate, Sir C.V. Raman.

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