Uncovering Bhubaneswar’s educational gems: A closer look at the Renowned Schools

Odisha’s capital city, Bhubaneswar, is not only famous for its rich heritage and spiritual significance but also known for its successful schools. Among the many schools around, a few stand out for their commitment to excellence, holistic development, and innovative teaching methods. As the admission season unfolds, parents and guardians find themselves in a dilemma of choices, contemplating which institution will best nurture and shape the future of their children. In this vital moment, let’s embark on a journey to explore the premier educational institutions in Bhubaneswar, each serving as a beacon of excellence and promise for the youth of tomorrow.

1. SAI International School

sai international school

Established in 2008 by the late Dr Bijaya Kumar Sahoo, Sai International School has become a beacon of excellence in Bhubaneswar. Affiliated to CBSE and IGCSE boards, the school offers a combination of academic rigor and comprehensive development. SAI International School has day and boarding facilities that provide students with an impactful environment for learning and development.

2. ODM Public School

odm public school

As the flagship institution of ODM Education Group, ODM Public School has been a pioneer in providing quality education since 1989. The school promotes the values of love, care and respect for its education and parenting services. This school has completed almost three decades of academic excellence and continues to set the bar in CBSE education in Odisha.

3. Mother’s Public School


mother public school

The first school choice of all working parents is Mother’s Public School was founded in 1991 with a grand vision of becoming a home away from home for countless students in Bhubaneswar. The school’s main goal was to provide a safe and caring environment for the children of working parents and has become synonymous with a love of quality education and accessibility.

4. DAV Public School

dav school

The only school that comes to mind when we hear CBSE school is DAV Public School, which has a rich heritage spanning over 137 years and is a testament to the power of private education. This school is affiliated with the DAV College Management Committee. The school has committed to producing leaders in various fields and is extremely valuable for India.DAV Bhubaneswar continues its tradition of excellence in shaping youth as responsible global citizens.

5. Delhi Public School (DPS)

delhi public school

Pic credit: education world

DPS Bhubaneswar epitomizes the pursuit of excellence in education. The school emphasizes honesty, integrity, and compassion and aims to cultivate the spirit of inquiry and tolerance in students. By providing a good environment for learning and development, DPS Bhubaneswar helps students not only succeed but also develop their character and integrity.


kiit international school

Pic credit: KIIT news

KIIT International School is known for its IB, IGCSE and CBSE curriculum and is the symbol of innovation in Odisha. The school has a legacy of 15 years and is famous for its special education and training. From the acclaimed Kinder Orland to modern, world-class facilities, KIIT International School is committed to providing quality education to students.


times gurukul

Pic credit: ihindustan.com

Times Scholars Gurukul is committed to academic and human excellence and aims to create a welcoming and creative environment for the development of every child. The school’s curriculum is important and beneficial for students to succeed in an ever-changing world.

8. Shree Krishna International School

shree krishna school

Pic credit: Edustoke

Shree Krishna International School is committed to providing knowledge and self-awareness to young people. The school aims to instill in students a love of education and skills by providing a pioneering education infused with the culture and tradition of British media. This CBSE-affiliated school has achieved success in its 37-year journey, turning generations of students into responsible citizens.

10. Jupiter Public School

jupiter school

Last but not least JPS Established in 2014, Jupiter Public School has quickly emerged as a beacon of quality education in Bhubaneswar. With its large campus and affiliation with CBSE, the school strives to provide support in all aspects of development and quality education.

Consequently, the best schools in Bhubaneswar impart knowledge and promote values, encouraging intelligence and excellence. Schools are the foundations of society; they create the future leaders of tomorrow and contribute to human development.

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