World Poetry Day Celebration at The Scindia School

25th March 2024, Gwalior: The Scindia School, Fort, Gwalior commemorated World Poetry Day with an atmosphere charged with enthusiasm and passion, showcasing the timeless essence of poetic expression. The morning assembly organized by the “Hindi Sahitya Sabha” featured a captivating skit and soul-stirring poetry recitations that unfolded a vibrant tapestry of artistic endeavors

World Poetry Day serves as a platform to honour poets, revive oral traditions, promote the reading, writing and teaching of poetry and to foster the convergence between poetry and other arts such as theatre, dance, music, and painting.

The highlight of the event was a skit revolving around the first shloka ever recited in mankind’s history by Valmiki, expressing his sorrow for the death of the “Kraunch” bird by a hunter. The skit not only showcased the depth of emotions encapsulated in poetry but also emphasized its relevance across ages and cultures.

Following the skit, the students presented a grand recitation, featuring an amalgamation of various poems by renowned poets from Indian and Classic Literature in Hindi, English, and French. The performance mesmerized the audience and inspired them to explore their own creative potential through poetry writing.

Commenting on the celebrations Principal of The Scindia School, Fort, Gwalior, Mr Ajay Singh, said “Writing and poetry is indeed a life skill with its ability to evoke emotions and provoke thought that plays a crucial role in shaping individuals. I am delighted to witness the talent and creativity of our students on this World Poetry Day and I encourage them to continue exploring the beauty of language through poetry.”

He also commended the students for their exemplary performance and expressed his desire to see a new generation of poets emerge from the institution. He emphasized the importance of self-expression and creative writing as essential life skills for holistic development.

As the world commemorates World Poetry Day, School reaffirms its commitment to nurturing literary talents and promoting the timeless art of poetry among its students. The event was concluded with a sense of accomplishment and a renewed appreciation for the art of poetry.

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