RV University Launches Future-Ready MBA Specialisations in Artificial Intelligence & Data Science and Global Finance

Bengaluru 20 June 2024 – Designed to meet the evolving demands of the global business landscape, Bangalore-based RV University has launched specialised industry-relevant MBA programmes in the academic year 2024-25. These include specialisations in Global Financial Markets, Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, and Regular MBA.

These specialisations are designed to meet the evolving demands of industry and provide students with the advanced knowledge and practical skills they need to succeed in their chosen fields.

RV University- MBA

Prof. (Dr.) Y.S.R. Murthy, Vice-Chancellor of RV University, said, “RV University is strongly committed to improving MBA education in India by providing unique, industry-oriented courses. Our emphasis on practical learning and collaboration with major organisations guarantee that our graduates are prepared to thrive in today’s highly competitive business environment.”

Specialised MBA programmes are high in demand for managing the growing needs of contemporary markets and employees. Experts in the field are realising how specialised skill sets are critical for the success of an organisation. These include business analytics, data science, artificial intelligence, knowledge of financial markets, and sustainability strategy.

In this competitive setting, RVU distinguishes itself by providing a wide range of MBA programmes in partnership with major players in the market like Microsoft and the National Stock Exchange Academy. In addition to covering current business trends, these programmes give students practical experience and industry certifications, ensuring they are prepared to succeed in the industry.

Dr. Subhashree Natarajan, Dean of RV University’s School of Business, added, “Our commitment to provide students the best of learning experiences in the field of Business and Management drives us to introduce future-ready programmes that are fully integrated with industries and professional bodies. The school stretches beyond the conventional experiential courses to include live learning from CXOs through CXO mentoring programmes and masterclasses, workplace-oriented practicums, productivity enhancing skills of deploying computing and quality implementation skills. We are confident that the learnings at the School of Business, RV University will be exponentially rewarding.”

The MBAGlobal Financial Markets programme prepares students for a successful career in the rapidly growing financial sector. This programme, which is offered in collaboration with the National Stock Exchange (NSE) Academy, gives students the knowledge and global perspectives on wealth maximisation, investment decisions, financial products, key trading strategies, and regulatory standards. The programme embeds in the opportunities to qualify as CMT Level-3 strategist, Certified Risk Management Professional, and Certified Industry Essentials professional by Financial Regulatory Authority (FINRA), USA. These globally renowned certifications amplify the career opportunities for students to be placed with banks, financial institutions, insurance companies, and equity research and trading organisations across the globe.

In collaboration with Microsoft, School of Business offers MBA in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science which helps prepare students for future jobs in AI and Business Analytics. With the combination of core business courses and specialised training in AI, data science and analytics tools and languages, graduates become Microsoft-certified professionals with the ability to create data frameworks for business decisions. With career opportunities spanning across sectors, this programme provides the students with the skills needed for succeeding in the digital era.

RV University‘s regular MBA programme offers a wide range of business subjects, such as marketing, operations, and human resources. Graduates will be imparted with the skills to succeed in a variety of industries and leadership positions given to their solid foundation in fundamental business concepts and opportunities for experience learning.

These newly launched MBA programmes showcase RV University’s commitment to providing a transformative educational experience for B-school aspirants, equipping students with the specialized skills and knowledge necessary to excel in an increasingly complex and competitive global business environment.

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